Wayfinder Meditation

Project Scope: Web Design
Client: Meditation Teacher and Menopause Coach
I was thrilled when Charlotte approached me to work with her in building a website to showcase her signature 4-week meditation course. First, we invested time understanding Charlotte’s vision, goals and target B2B audience and worked closely with copywriter Hannah Gibson (https://www.gibsoncopy.com/) to craft empathetic messaging. Getting the brand and messaging right was critical in conveying Charlotte's value and expertise and telling her personal story. The result is a warm, welcoming and authentic digital space that brings compassionate menopause support into the workplace.


Making clients happy, one project at a time …

"Thank goodness I found you !!! Brand and visibility are key to building a successful business and getting my website for my meditation business was really important to me but I didn't have the skills to pull it all together. This is where Karen came into her own and made the whole process so easy. She not only has the creative visual talent to create a beautiful website, but all the backend technical knowledge and skills to build a secure and effective site. I love my Wayfinder Meditation Website, I sometimes look at it and think how professional I look to my clients and that is all down to Karen - Thank you ".
Charlotte John

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